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Summer 2024
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by Kelly Skinner-Meyer

Hello everyone,

Spring is here and what a glorious spring it has been! Lots of rain to help the gardens, grass and crops grow. 

Life in the Carley Valley has been a beehive of activity with the farmers preparing their crops for the summer growth. The cyclists are out, horseback riders and walkers, all enjoying the country air.

At the Carley Community Hall, we had a very successful Pancake Breakfast and the whole community came out. It was lovely to see everyone. I was busy in the kitchen flipping pancakes, it was very busy. Thank you to all of our volunteers for your help in making it such a successful event.

It looks like the Township is getting ready to resurface the road and do some ditching on the Warminster SideRoad between the 9th and 8th Lines. That’s good news and we welcome a smoother ride down that stretch of the road.  They will also be cleaning up the parking lot at Carley Hall and repainting our red doors on the Hall to match our red bell in the bell tower. The Hall looks amazing with our new metal roof and the beautiful surroundings. Please, if you’re going for a drive take a drive by. We’re at 396 Warminster SideRoad between the 8th and 9th.  Thank you to the Township and their employees for repairing and cleaning up our part of the Township.

The Carley Hall has a busy summer booked with rentals for weddings, showers, and family get-togethers. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a country retreat with a heritage building and all the modern amenities. Call to book your next family event. We are still in the process of creating programs to engage the community with activities. If you have any talents or ideas please reach out to our Hall, call Oro-Medonte Township 705-487-2171 or drop us an email through

Enjoy your summer, everyone. My summer will be babysitting my grandson and making the most of all the adventures we will have. Looking forward to it!

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